Foothill Extension Construction Authority will seek to vacate unfavorable court ruling

The ruling involves a dispute with a land owner over acquiring land for a rail car maintenance yard in Monrovia to serve the extension of the Gold Line to the Azusa/Glendora border.

Here’s the news release from the Foothill Extension Construction Authority:

Click above to see larger image.

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  1. Court situation on this matter seems pretty straight forward. I see this being corrected. My bigger concern is the recent ruling in regards to Redevelopment Agencies. I hope Metro can keep building the line so as not to cost us millions in delays and simply use the existing Midway yard and train sets. Never heard why the Irwindale yard was not approved/used. How about another location? How about the large partial pit property between the tracks and the 210 freeway directly east of Irwindale ave? Surely there must have been 2nd-3rd-4th choices.

    As for the other posters comments. More buses don’t always make for better service (see Europe) and those buses sit in the same car infested traffic that trains and subways don’t.

  2. It IS censorship when comments that are “critical of Metro” ARE NOT PUBLISHED! I don’t know which is more pathetic-you PRACTICING METRO’S CENSORSHIP, or Metro not allowing any criticism of it! Oh wait, its the SAME THING!

  3. This “project” like the Expo Line, will turn out to be ANOTHER BOONDOGGLE, that will NEVER OPEN, and will take resources away from the buses and the riders who depend on them. This BOONDOGGLE will again prove that the MTA REMAINS anti-bus rider (and of course, you won’t print this, since you practice CENSORSHIP and all!).

    • Hi John;

      It’s not censorship. It’s a comments policy intended to ensure comments suitable for all audiences are posted to this blog, as well as comments with accurate information. Many of the comments include criticism of Metro.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source