Art for the Orange Line: Owensmouth/Canoga Park by Margaret Lazzari

Teams of SICIS artisans piece together mosaic artwork paving designs for Sherman Way Station.

Margaret Lazzari’s designs for Sherman Way Station on the Orange Line Extension includes two, 27-foot long maps that will be embedded into concrete platforms.

A mosaic map and a porcelain mosaic art panel will be displayed alongside station seating.

The west platform will house a map of 1910 era Owensmouth, with a free-flowing Los Angeles River and an undeveloped natural landscape. An adjacent art panel will depict a collection of native plants that once grew alongside the river.

The east platform will include a map of the same section of river 40 years later, in the city re-named Canoga Park. The river has been channelized and is integrated into a growing geometry of housing tracts. Agricultural production has become a powerful industry. Fruit trees replace native plants in the art panel imagery.

Each piece of glass and stone mosaic is hand-placed.

Lazzari hopes riders will make a connection between the physicality of their foot travel and the area’s deeply embedded topographical and ecological history.

The completed mosaic maps are ready to be crated and transported to the job site.

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