The attack on traffic

A photo of the event from GOOD's Facebook page.

Sick of traffic? Done with smog? Well, you’re not the only one.

This past Saturday, GOOD Attacks! took place right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, and this intrepid Metro-ette was there right in the middle of the action. The gathering is the first in a series of events designed to use flash mobs to draw attention to the problem of congestion in the city.

Organized by GOOD and mono – GOOD is a media platform that promotes the good news, mono is a design and branding company – the event began at noon with organizers and attendees gathering in a parking lot across Pershing Square. Many participants arrived by bicycle, while some strolled over from the nearby Metro Red/Purple Line station.

After signing in, everyone got a T-shirt. Red was for cars, yellow for buses and green for bicycles. Once everyone was dressed, the group of approximately 65 people filed over to the underpass at 4th Street and Flower where directors and cameras were waiting to film the human infographic which would demonstrate the problem of congestion and promote the use of public transportation and bicycling as a solution.

Filming took place over the course of 90 minutes, and despite the intermittent rain no one quit early. Participants were cheerful and chatted between takes, and curious onlookers gathered to watch as the group took over the intersection for filming. Once the director called a wrap, it was time to start speculating about the final product, but sadly we’ll all have to be patient. The infograhpic video will be released in mid-January on GOOD’s website. But keep an eye on The Source for any updates!

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