Expo dining: Surfas city here we come

I love Surfas. I love the cheeses and the rolling pins and the gadgets I’ll never use but think I need. I love the imprints of cooking utensils on the floor of the concrete entranceway and the endless metal shelves of pans and imported honeys and chocolates and couscous.

Surfas is the dream of serving good food to family and friends. It’s the promise of evenings sipping wine and laughing over wonderful, interesting meals.

There’s a café there but Surfas is more about shopping for ingredients and equipment to make food than it is about grabbing a bite. (Although, if you ask nicely, they will probably let you sample those wonderful cheeses.)

Surfas is the stuff that meals are made of and it’s just one of the many food destinations within easy reach of the Expo Line.

Surfas is at 8777 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City 90232, just across the street — a short block — from the Expo Culver City Station.

Can you suggest more great food destinations near Expo?

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  1. Now if you’ll finish the project already (originally due summer 2010), the headline will make sense.