Metrolink offers safe alternative to ‘extreme weather’ commute

With a potential snow storm in the forecast for the Antelope Valley, Metrolink is actively monitoring the weather and railroad conditions. Prompted by a National Weather Service advisory, Metrolink has issued a word of caution and safety advice for the area’s commuters.

Here’s the news release:

Metrolink Trains Offer Transportation Options During Extreme Weather
Los Angeles – As winter weather moves into Southern California bringing freezing temperatures, rain and snow in some areas, the region’s drivers can park their car and hop on a Metrolink train to bypass the conditions on the roadways. Metrolink trains will continue to provide a safe, reliable transportation alternative as the severe weather conditions close some roadways and bring traffic on others to a halt.

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  1. Are we to really believe this after the fiasco the last time the Antelope Valley had serious snow freezing conditions? Can anyone tell us what Metrolink is doing THIS TIME that is different from last time, meaning how do they plan to keep operations going when last time they came to a stop?