Bus service changes begin Sunday


Effective Sunday, Dec. 11, Metro will make various route adjustments to selected bus lines to improve connections to existing bus lines and with the future Metro Expo Line.

​Metro will expand service on Line 30 by extending selected trips to West Hollywood along San Vicente Boulevard between Pico/Rimpau Transit Center and West Hollywood. Metro also will extend selected weekday trips on Line 68 from East L.A. College to the Metro Gold Line Indiana Station along Atlantic Boulevard and 1st Street.

​Metro Rapid Line 730 (Downtown LA-Pico/Rimpau via Pico Bl) will be discontinued with service being replaced by both Line 30 and 330 along Pico Boulevard providing more access and stops for patrons along this corridor.

Metro will expand service on Line 217 by extending select trips to Culver City Transit Center (Fox Hills) along La Cienega Boulevard. This new route extension will operate every weekday, providing new midday service for customers between Culver City Transit Center, La Cienega/Jefferson Expo Station, and the Washington/Fairfax Transit Hub.

​Metro will implement new line 162 to replace Line 363 serving West Hills Medical Center-Sun Valley/North Hollywood Red Line Station along Sherman Way and Lankershim.
​In the Glendale area, Metro will Extend Line 201 (Glendale-Koreatown via Silver Lake Bl)on selected weekday trips from Glenoaks Adventist Medical Center to Glenoaks Canyon via Glenoaks Boulevard.

​Additionally, in response to increased ridership and customer input, Metro will increase late night southbound service on Line 212 from Hollywood to Inglewood. Weeknight frequency of service will be cut in half from every hour to every half hour between 10 p.m. and midnight.

​In additon several bus lines are planned to be modified to better serve the new Metro Expo Line once it is placed into operation in early 2012. Four Metro Rapid Lines (705, 710, 740 & 757) will have new stops added to their route to serve the new Metro Expo Line.

​Below is a complete list of service modifications planned for implementation on Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011. In additon, several lines are listed for service adjustments once the new Expo Line is operational sometime in early 2012. No date has been set for the opening of the new Expo Line. Metro is currently testing trains on the system to better evaluate when the system can open to the public.

Service Adjustments/Modifications for Suday, Dec. 11, 2011

30 ​West Hollywood-Indiana Station via Pico Bl & East 1st St

New route extension to West Hollywood. Select trips will operate on San Vicente Bl between Pico/Rimpau Transit Center and West Hollywood. Service east of Downtown LA will serve 1st St in both directions. All trips will operate through the Pico/Rimpau Transit Center.

68 ​Downtown LA – Montebello via Cesar E Chavez Av

Extend selected weekday trips from East LA College to Indiana Station via Atlantic Bl and 1st St.

163/363​ West Hills Medical Center-Sun Valley/North Hollywood Station via Sherman Wy & Lankershim (Limited)

Discontinue Line 363 and convert trips to new Line 162 along same route.

330 West Hollywood-Downtown LA via Pico Bl

New peak hour limited stop service will replace Line 730. This new service will make all stops on Broadway in Downtown LA and feature new stops at Pico/Arlington and Pico/Crenshaw. Line 730 is replaced with a combination of Line 30 and 330 trips.

201​ Glendale-Koreatown via Silver Lake Bl

Extend selected weekday trips from Glenoaks Adventist Medical Center to Glenoaks Canyon via Glenoaks Bl.

217 Vermont/Sunset-Culver City Transit Center via Hollywood Bl, Fairfax Av-La Cienega

All trips will be extended to the future La Cienega/Jefferson Expo Station and select trips will extend further south along route of Line 439 to provide new service to Culver City Transit Center.

287 El Monte Station-The Shops at Montebello via Tyler Av & Rush St Line

This line will be renumbered Line 176.

450 Downtown LA-San Pedro via Harbor Transitway

Sunday service will operate between Artesia Transit Center and San Pedro only.

534 Malibu-Washington/Fairfax Transit Hub via Pacific Coast Hwy 

All trips will exit/enter I-10 Freeway from Robertson Bl to serve the future Culver City Expo Station at Venice/Robertson for an improved connection to Downtown LA.  Service will continue to serve Washington/Fairfax Transit Hub.

730 Downtown LA-Pico/Rimpau via Pico Bl

Service will be replaced by lines 30 and 330. 

Metro Silver Line​ El Monte-Los Angeles-Artesia Transit Center

A minor route modification will allow all southbound trips to Artesia Transit Center to directly serve the future 23rd Street Expo Station.


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Bus Service Adjustments effective when the Expo Line opens:

42​ LAX City Bus Center to Downtown LA/Union Station via La Tijera Bl, Stocker St, ML King Bl

Route will be renumbered Line 102. New route modification to provide improved connection with Expo/Western Station and continue to Huntington Park via current Line 102 route. For service to Downtown LA, use Metro Expo Line from Expo/Western Station.

102​ Baldwin Village-South Gate via Coliseum St

Service west of Western Av will be discontinued. Service will be provided by Metro Expo Line.New route extension to provide improved connection with LAX City Bus Center via La Tijera Bl and Stocker St.

210​ Hollywood/Vine Station-South Bay Galleria via Crenshaw Bl

New stop added at Expo/Crenshaw Station.

305 Westwood-Leimert Park-South LA-Willowbrook

Route will be discontinued. Service on San Vicente Bl will be replaced with lines 30 and 330.

439 Downtown LA-Culver City Transit Center via I-10 Fwy

Service between Culver City Transit Center and Washington/Fairfax Transit Hub will be replaced with Line 217.  Service to Downtown LA is replaced with Metro Expo Line which will connect with Line 217 at La Cienega/Jefferson Station. Line 217 will operate new mid-day trips to Culver City Transit Center.

550 West Hollywood-San Pedro via Harbor Transitway

New route modification. Weekday rush hour service will operate from San Pedro to USC/Expo Park. Non-rush hour trips and all weekend service will end at Artesia Transit Center. To access West Hollywood, use the Silver Line to Figueroa and Pico and transfer to either Line 30 or 330.

705 West Hollywood-Vernon via La Cienega Bl-Vernon Av

New stop added at La Cienega/Jefferson Station.

710​ Wilshire Center-South Bay Galleria via Crenshaw Bl

New stop added at Expo/Crenshaw Station.

740 Downtown LA-Redondo Beach via Hawthorne Bl & ML King Bl

New route modification to provide connection with Expo/Crenshaw Station. For service to Downtown LA, use Metro Expo Line from Expo/Crenshaw Station. For service on Martin Luther King Jr Bl or Broadway, use Line 40.

757 Hollywood-Crenshaw Station via Western Av

New stop added at Expo/Western Station.

For complete route and schedule information and new timetable information visit metro.net.

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  1. So now what would be the frequency of the 217 heading to Culver City transit Center? and why only on the weekdays?

  2. So when will the Expo Line open??? Isn’t that rather relevant to this issue?

    What is the delay?

    • Hi John;

      The Expo Line opening date has not yet been scheduled. There is still some work being done on the line and a fair amount of testing remains to be done.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. What a nightmare for northern 550 riders. I live in West Hollywood and take the 550 to USC for my job. The alternative routes are not clearly spelled out and will require transfers and will definitely take longer. If it will take more than an hour to get to work, I will GO BACK TO DRIVING after six years of enjoying slowly improving service on the 550.

  4. Better take this page to avoid even MORE CONFUSION that the MTA likes to inflict on its riders! “Hey, we’ve built a light-rail line that will open in November!” Nope-not happening! No new “opening date” set! “Hey, we’re making bus line changes to accommodate the new light-rail line”. Oops, we need to cancel those, since the BOONDOGGLE OF A LIGHT RAIL LINE ISN’T OPENING ANYTIME SOON!” I guess this is all part of a new “Go Metro” strategy for 2012?

  5. I agree with these changes in general.

    The 780 ought to be extended the short distance to Expo LaCienega Station, however.

    The 733 also needs to add a stop at Venice/Robertson or swap it for the stop at Venice/National.

    Also, the 534 connection with Expo at Venice/Robertson is the most tasty to me, with a simple transfer you are wisked from Culver City Expo Station on the 10 freeway to the future Expo terminus in Santa Monica at Colorado/4th St. 534 can be packed as it is, I suspect it will be an even bigger hit in the future!

  6. I am happy to see that these changes are not (yet) being implemented. I take the 550 to USC every day from Wilshire/San Vicente. There was quite a bit of confusion on the bus this morning when people started to realize that the route was coming to an abrupt end.

    I use the Next Trip app, Google Maps, and mta.net to plan routes, and I was both baffled and searching for answers that were difficult to come by. MTA riders without access to smart phones and the internet must have really been confused, as the driver didn’t even really know what was going on or what route riders should take in the future. Also, there were no new maps or route information on the buses.

    I hope that MTA customers get a much better advance notice if a bus they are used to taking is going to be eliminated. Four-day notice really isn’t enough. I recently sold my car because I loved taking the 550, but if it is eliminated there is no way I will continue to take public transportation every day to and from work. If that is the case, it would be great to have more than three or four days to research what car to buy.

    My apologies for the rant, but MTA should really consider its customers instead of making rash decisions without taking into account how changes will impact the many thousands of bus riders in Los Angeles.

    Thank you!

  7. I really hope Metro can put a detail notice of the service changes at all the affected bus stops, rather than just putting a “hat” on the bus stop.

    I would say majority of Metro riders do not or are unable to go to Metro’s website to read about the changes. Yes there are in-bus notices, but they are far from sufficient. Yes there are new timetables on the buses, but the riders would not even pay attention to the small print of “Dec 11, 2011”. Minor time adjustments may be ok, but if a bus line completely disappears or changes its route substantially, those folks are stranded on the first day of the changes.

  8. “…Weeknight frequency of service will be cut in half from every hour to every half hour between 10 p.m. and midnight.”

    Don’t you mean that frequency will be doubled?

  9. If i currently take the 550 going north on western & exposition blvd and getting off @ 3rd street & san vicente. Am i still going to be able to catch the 550 bus on western & exposition blvd to then transfer to the 30 or 330 on pico & san vicente? not sure where is the last stop for the line 550 going north coming from san pedro, is it figueroa & exposition or western & exposition?

  10. Is Line 740 going to continue service to Downtown on King and Broadway? Not too clear about the new change for line 740.

  11. Will the Rapid 780 southern terminus also be extended south to serve the Expo LRT station? (if line 217 stop will go further south, it makes total sense to also extend the 780 as well, from its current “West LA Transit Center” terminus)