One more Expo Line video: eastbound from La Cienega

Why not – it’s the day before the holiday! Here is one more video from our ride on the Expo Line yesterday — this time from the La Cienega station eastbound to the La Brea station. Both are aerial stations. The video doesn’t convey how good the views are from both, particularly to the north toward the mountains.

Here is yesterday’s post with a pair of videos of the train heading west past USC. And here’s our post with some initial impressions of the line.

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  1. Train couldn’t quite make it up the hill at the end and stopped short of the station? 🙂 But all joking aside, I remember the Blue Line having trouble with traction earlier this year when it was raining heavily. Any issues with aerial stations and traction in the rain, or was it the long incline that was the Blue Line problem rather than a shorter but steeper incline here with Expo Line?

  2. I’m glad the Expo Line Rail Venice/Robertson Station is finished I hope the Routes 35, 37, 38, the new Line 107, 220, 534, Culver City Bus Lines 2 and 4 and The Big Blue Bus Lines 5, 12 and Rapid 12 will have the Venice/Robertson Expo Line Rail Terminal when the service changes in December 11, 2011 will have Bus Stations I hope it goes well when the schedule changes on December 11, 2011.