More photos from The Source’s day out on the Expo Line

Just when you thought we were done recapping our Expo Line ride on Tuesday…more photos! Check out these below that Steve and I snapped while we cruised from 23rd Street station to La Cienega station.

23rd and Flower St Station

Cruising along at a brisk clip.

La Cienega station plaza from the top of the staircase.

The view looking west from the La Cienega aerial station.

Art work commemorating the Baldwin Hills Reservoir dam failure in 1963.

An Expo train crosses the 110 freeway while going northbound on Flower Street.

Looking north toward downtown at the 23rd Street station. The train would normally be on the other track.

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  1. How about a time-lapse of the whole run from Culver City to Downtown? Then we’ll see how the Expo line would work in Europe, say. Slow it down to half-speed, though, and we’ll see how it will feel once it’s finally running!