Tomorrow big day for Santa Monica, cyclists with opening of Santa Monica Bike Center

Tomorrow is a big day for the City of Santa Monica and Metro.  The two have partnered up to open the $2 million full-service “Santa Monica Bike Center,” the largest secure bicycle parking facility of its kind in the U.S.

The bike center’s two combined locations in the center of downtown Santa Monica feature 5,300 square-feet of space and nearly 360 secure bicycle parking spaces.

It’s a full-service facility that also provides bicycle rentals, showers, lockers, self-service repairs, vending and restrooms.  The Metro-funded project is expected to increase bike/transit connections for work and play to and from Santa Monica, a popular beachfront destination and a bike-riding hot-spot of Southern California.

A grand opening event is scheduled for tomorrow morning. It will be followed by an all-weekend open house featuring free bicycle parking, free bicycle rides and tours of the facility.

Get out there and check it out. In the meantime, here’s a couple exterior shots of the two bike center locations.

2nd/Colorado bike center location.

4th/Broadway bike center location.



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