New “Bike Stop” Opens at Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station

Exterior view of "Bike Stop" location at Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station

This morning city of Burbank officials unveiled the newest bicycle parking facility in Los Angeles County that is tailored to Metrolink train commuters and other Burbank-area ciclistas.

Called “Bike Stop,” the new unattended facility features 40 bike parking stalls, a bike repair stand and small classroom area.

Partially funded by Caltrans, the facility will be free to bike riders following registration. Riders will then get an access code to access the facility whenever they need it. Once inside the Bike Stop, there’s a video surveillance system for added security. All entrances are locked and the racks themselves come with a cable to lock bikes there as well.

Bike Stop Interior can accommodate 40 bicycles.

If more space is required for bikes in the future, the classroom space is designed to accommodate an additional 20 racks.

City of Burbank officials perform ribbon-cutting for new "Bike Stop"

The new bike facility is expected to heavily used, as the Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station is one of the busier Metrolink Stations on the Antelope Valley Line. Metrolink recently launched specially wrapped bike train cars to accommodate additional bicycle commuters.

Specially Wrapped Metrolink Bike Car


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  1. Fantastic work, Canada and the US needs more of this kind of vision! awesome to see