Check out the new bike cars on Metrolink!

Metrolink isn’t screwing around. They’ve taken two of their new “bike cars” and put “wraps” on them to let everyone know loud and clear that they’re train cars with tons of extra room for bikes.

Both of the cars are on the same train this morning, the only time that will be happening. If you’re at Union Station this morning, the train will be on platform 9 between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

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  1. @MTS:

    No it is a material with tiny holes in it. It obscures view into and out of the car, which is a safety hazard. Law enforcement cannot see into the car in most lighting conditions. Passengers with impaired vision have an additional handicap in trying to determine what stop their train has arrived at as this film does not allow for anything but a perpendicular view out of the car (i.e. no looking forward or backward at a 45-degree angle)

    Clench? This sort of treatment has been banned by many agencies for just that reason. I would have thought that SCRRA/Metrolink would be a little more sensitive to passenger safety post-Chatsworth. Even LA Metro does not allow 100% covering of their vehicles by these wraps.

    Add to that the potential hindrance of window-smashing or removal by this film and you have yet another hazard to the any emergency evacuation of the Bombardier bi-level cars. (Remember, these cars do not have roof-hatches.)

    Let’s also just hope that the film is truly non-flammable or else these cars have an accelerant pre-applied to their glass surfaces.

    Cover the car, extend the lettering over the windows like SMBBB does if you must, but do NOT cover every window entirely.

  2. This is great. I applaud Metrolink!

    I have only experienced a very bike UNfriendly Metrolink up unti now. One conductor said that my fare only paid for me to travel and not my bike. He made it seem as if he was doing me a favor by letting my bike on the Metrolink.

  3. Wow! I may take a random Metrolink trip just to try these new cars! Good job Metrolink!