A vision for Atlanta’s “Beltway” project

I’m a big fan of architectural renderings when it comes to any kind of civic infrastructure. While the drawings aren’t always moored to accuracy, they’re a nice way to get people thinking and/or excited about projects that can take many years to build.

One of the things I do think the California High-Speed Rail Authority has done right is put together a lot of videos and renderings of what the bullet train would look like. I’d like to see that kind of work done on behalf of more urban transit projects, including here in L.A. And, as far as I’m concerned, the more renderings Metro produces, the better.

The following drawings were done to promote Atlanta’s “Beltline” project, an attempt to convert an old 22-mile rail corridor into a greenway with transit, parks and new development. It’s an ambitious project that has been slow going so far, but at least they’ve got a vision.

More drawings are after the jump.

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