Expo Line train testing update

Below is the latest from the Expo Line Construction Authority. Also, check out the above video of a test run on the line taken by Supervisor and Metro Board Member Zev Yaroslavsky. Here’s a story on Zev’s website.

Click above for a larger image.


4 replies

  1. Since the testing schedule does not last for the entire week, can we assume they are finally ready to hand it off to Metro?

  2. Nice video. But from the looks of it, it’s going to be very much like the gold line east side. In other words: slow. Maybe I’m wrong and the speeds in this video are just a result of testing. But with the lack of signal priority/preemption, I can’t imagine it will be any faster than driving in modest traffic on the 10.

  3. I see/hear the test trains daily while I wait upwards of 40 minutes for the bus (Line 212) @ Jefferson/La Brea. What I would like to know is when this project will be open to the public. It would be nice to cut my 2 hour commute in half.