Destination discounts: Let’s Go Kings!

Kings center Anze Kopitar holds a Penguin at bay. Photo by by Noah Graham/NHLI via Getty Images via the Kings website.

One of the benefits of more evening trains on the subway and Blue Line (announced earlier today) is that it’s a lot easier to get home after games at Staples Center. Obviously, pro basketball is on a hiatus at the moment due to the NBA labor situation, but that doesn’t matter. We still have pro hockey, a sport in which there’s no such thing as a free throw.

The Kings offer a 10 percent discount for tickets to their games to those holding a valid Metro pass or Metro Rail ticket. The team has been to the Stanley Cup playoffs the past two seasons and will likely make a return appearance ths year thanks to a solid core team and terrific defense, a star in goalie Jonathan Quick and some key off-season acquisitions.

The game on Saturday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins was about as good a regular season hockey game as you’ll see, although the Kings lost in an overtime shootout — but really the game could have gone either way. Upcoming home games:

Nov. 8 — Nashville

Nov. 10 — Vancouver, defending Western Conference champions

Nov. 12 — Minnesota

Nov. 16 — Anaheim, boo boo boo

For the rest of the Kings schedule, check out the team’s website. When I was in the newspaper biz, I loved going to weeknight games and watching the Kings squash — I mean check — opposing players, who I imagined to be editors.

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  1. Shouldn’t a transit blog be rooting for the Ducks instead of Kings?

    You can get season tickets to Anaheim Ducks packaged with Metrolink. Kings will try to sell you super expensive parking at Staples.

    Ducks win this round easily.

    • Hi Irwin;

      Excuse my potential ignorance on this one, but how do I get back to L.A. on Metrolink after a Ducks night game? The schedule doesn’t show trains running that light. As for the Kings, they have every right to sell the parking — doesn’t mean anyone has to buy it. And to date there hasn’t exactly been great rail service to and from the games. At least on the Red, Purple and Blue lines that’s about to change.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. “Let’s go Ki-ings!”

    *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

    “Let’s go Ki-ings!”

    *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

    Carter Rubin
    Contributor, The Source