Longer trains tonight

There will be longer trains tonight through close of business to accommodate Halloween celebrants who want to leave the driving to Metro. (Good idea.) Ride safely and use the entire boarding platform length. No extended hours … but most of us have to work tomorrow, anyway.


3 replies

  1. You need 5 min head-ways on all buses servicing WeHo during this event. The overcrowding certainly caused several people to vow “never again” for Metro. Granted, that’s just what I was hearing on my bus ride home last night.

  2. Tip – you should always provide more Metro rail service for Halloween as you did earlier today with the Red Line. This is one of your busiest days of the year….we need better headways. I appreciate the work done on the Red Line late at night to keep trains working at faster headways. That’s the type of service we need for peak holidays, not just longer trains. Thank you!!!

  3. Metro Should put some Halloween touches once in a while, Metro can serve as an important transportation option for the Holidays. Luckily Halloween isn’t reduced service.