Expo Line train testing update

A pair of trains parked on the Expo Line tracks along Flower Street near Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Photo by Darrell Clarke, via submission.

Here’s the latest notice from the Expo Line Construction Authority:

Click above for a larger image.

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  1. @JM
    Not only that, but, as far as I know, there won’t be any signal preemption for the trains either. So we we’ll end up with a rail line that stops at lights just like cars. I know, it really is lame, but that’s what happens when you build infrastructure on the cheap, and/or let car culture dictate transit planning.

  2. Let’s hope it’s quicker than taking the DASH down Figueroa, but I’m not going to count on it being any quicker from years of LA public transportation experience. If it’s like the Red Line, with trains only every 20 minutes, I won’t even waste my time!

  3. Everyone,

    I was poking fun at something I already knew would not be the case back when I saw the first propa..er..marketing posters for Expo.

    Glad to see them making sure the Nippon Shayro cars “fit” too!

  4. Jordan, thank you for this information. I wondered if the trains would go all the way down to Long Beach, as that is the only rail yard that would be able to keep them over night it seems, so that must mean that the trains will switch in the early am as they will servicing blue line tracks I’d imagine?

  5. Erik, as of right now Metro hasn’t ordered any new Light Rail vehicles for the expo line because there isn’t a facility to store and maintain them. New lightrail vehicles should be available in time for the opening of Phase 2 into Santa Monica. Also I read not to long ago that Metro opted not receive more Breda P2250’s. So in all likelihood we will see a different lightrail vehicles for phase 2. For now Expoline trains will use either the Nippon Shyaro Cars and the Siemens P2000 cars and they will be stored and maintained at Division 22 in Long Beach.

  6. Lets just be happy there are trains on the tracks Erik. Lets appreciate that Metro is trying to get this line fully operational. You can ride the gold line if youd like to ride the “new” trains. I to would love to see new trains roll on the opening day, but this is a public utility, not a fashion show.

  7. Haaaay,

    Those ain’t the trains in the poster.

    Where’s the pretty Breda trains you promised Expo in the poster?