Videos of Metro committee’s review of Century City geological reports

As The Source reported last week, a panel of leading seismologists, geologists and engineers recommended that a subway station in Century City should be built under the intersection of Constellation Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars to avoid two earthquake fault zones in the area. The panel affirmed that it would be safe to build a station and tunnels in this area.

For those who are interested, we now have videos of the presentations from that committee meeting and the subsequent press briefing:

The written reports from the committee meeting can be viewed here and the Powerpoint presentation is available here.

The videos are embedded below.

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  1. I am glad that you posted these videos. I wondered what recording various Beverly Hills commenter’s referred to during the earlier written information. It seems that BHUSD has everything recorded for later review by parties who could not attend the meeting. Now I see in The Source Transportation Headlines, copies of today’s BH Courier articles. It is a shame that what I thought was a creditable BH newspaper is run by a publisher living in Pasadena who is playing politics with the Westside Subway funding. Is he in cahoots with the Supervisor of his district to fund their pet projects?