Letter from Independent Review Panel on Westside Subway Extension seismic and tunneling studies

We have already posted about last week’s oral report to the Metro Board by several experts on seismic and tunneling issues in the Beverly Hills, Century City and Westwood areas. The experts recommended that the Century City station be located along Constellation Avenue to avoid two active earthquake fault zones and also said that tunneling could safely be done under the Beverly Hills High School campus.

As part of the studies, Metro asked four experts who did not work on the reports to review their findings; click here to see their biographies. Perhaps the best known is Dr. Lucy Jones, a research seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and the California Institute of Technology who is often interviewed by local and national media.

Below is the two-page letter from those experts, who did agree with the reports’ conclusions:

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Click above for a larger version.

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