Sweetness and not so light

Sweet potato fries photo by Muy Yum via Flickr

It’s Friday and a good time to abandon all thoughts of low-cal, low-fat, low-interest food. Why not start by stopping off for a snack on the way home from work with, possibly, something to chase it down? Are sweet potato fries still fashionable enough to eat? Do we care?

Who makes the best sweet potato fries in LA? Crunchy, salty but still sweet. For starters let’s nominate Father’s Office at 3229 Helms Ave. (Metro Rapid 733 goes right by) and 25 Degrees in Hollywood (Red Line Hollywood/Highland Station). As backups, Detroit Coney Dog in West Hollywood at 8873 Sunset (Metro Local 2) and The Counter in Studio City at 12117 Ventura Blvd. (Red Line to Universal City Station, then Metro Rapid bus to Ventura/Laurel Canyon) are also pretty good.

Source Editor Steve Hymon also likes the sweet potato fries at Mike & Anne’s in South Pas (on Mission, one block east of the Gold Line station) and has expressed curiousity over the new sweet potato tots at the Dog Haus in Pasadena (105 N. Hill Street), one block north of the Metro Rapid 780 that serves Colorado Boulevard.

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