How transit-related bills fared in the state Legislature this year

The following is from the California Transit Association and is a helpful guide to the fate of transit-related bills in the State Legislature this season:

Governor Signs More Association Priority Bills as the First Year of Legislative Session Comes to an End

This morning at midnight was Governor Brown’s deadline to sign or veto any bills sent to him this year. We are pleased to report that as of today, several more Association priority bills have been signed. The following list provides a summary of the actions taken on our priority bills this year.

Governor Brown signed the following bills:

AB 147 (Dickinson) Authorizes a local agency to utilize existing fees collected under the Subdivision Map Act to be considered for transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities.

AB 426 (Lowenthal) Authorizes the Southern California Regional Rail Authority and the North County Transit District to adopt and enforce administrative adjudication ordinances.

AB 427 (Pérez) Streamlines the process for allocation and use of Transit System Safety, Security, and Disaster Response Account funds as part of the Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006.

AB 607 (Brownley) Authorizes a pilot program for the City of Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus (BBB) to mount illuminated digital advertising signs on its buses.

AB 716 (Dickinson) Eliminates the January 1, 2012 sunset date established by SB 1561 (Steinberg), enacted in 2008, authorizing the Sacramento Regional Transit District and the Fresno Area Express to issue a prohibition order to any person cited for committing one or more of certain prohibited acts in specified transit facilities and incorporate procedures for arrest and the issuance of citations. AB 716 would also authorize the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District to issue these prohibition orders until January 1, 2015.

AB 1041 (Ma) Extends the sunset date authorizing the City and County of San Francisco to use forward facing cameras to enforce parking violations in designated transit-only lanes to January 1, 2016.

AB 1097 (Skinner) Requires the Secretary of the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency to authorize a state or local agency receiving federal funds for transit purposes to provide a bidding preference to a bidder if the bidder exceeds Buy America requirements applicable to federally funded transit projects. The state and each local agency shall have the discretion to apply those preferences.

SB 310 (Hancock) Encourages transit-oriented development by establishing the Transit Priority Project Program.

SB 565 (DeSaulnier) includes a provision which extends the temporary exemption for State Transit Assistance (STA) Program efficiency criteria. The exemption was originally included as part of the Gas Tax Swap which passed in 2010, and expires on June 30, 2012. SB 565 will extend the exemption through June 30, 2015.

Governor Brown vetoed the following bills:

AB 650 (Blumenfield) Establishes the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Public Transportation for the 21st Century to make recommendations on California’s transit system needs. Click here to read the governor’s veto message.

SB 582 (Yee) Authorizes a metropolitan planning organization and an air district to jointly adopt an ordinance requiring certain employers within their common jurisdiction to offer employees specified commute benefits, with the goal of reducing single-occupant vehicle trips. Click here to read the governor’s veto message.

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  1. Illuminated digital advertising signs on the Big Blue Bus! I’m sure some are horrified. I like the idea! But I am a fan of Blade Runner, with its giant plasma billboard ads on blimps. It’s not like the boulevards that the Big Blue Bus travels on could win any beauty contest. And then there are other possibilities – the digital advertising signs could be used to indicate, between ads, if the bus was a local or an express, by color — or they could sometimes show some useful information, like stock quotes, box office results, the temperature, Laker playoff scores…