Reminder: The Source does have a comments policy

See that little link at the top right-hand corner of the page? That’s our comments policy! I’ve also posted it after the jump.

By my own estimate, about 95 percent of the comments posted to The Source are approved. A few short notes about why some comments are not approved by yours truly:

•In recent years, the word “stinks” has often been replaced by several other verbs that also carry with them other possible meanings. This is a government blog and I won’t approve comments that use those words, no matter how entertaining and popular they may be. If you want your comment posted, keep it clean.

•Please keep your comments brief. If I nod off by the third paragraph, I’ll hit delete when I wake up. I think most often you can make your point in 100 to 150 words. Or less.

•Respond to the issue, not another reader please.

•Spell check and proof read. Your opinion will likely be taken more seriously if it appears you actually put some thought into it.

Finally, I am not going to let the comment board be taken over by a few readers who insist on writing multiple comments to each and every post. I want the comments board to represent a cross-section of reader views and be an interesting — not long-winded — companion to the original blog posts.

The comments policy is posted after the jump.

Comments policy

We want to hear what you have to say about transportation in Los Angeles County and we encourage a thoughtful, civil and entertaining discussion by readers on our comment board. It’s fine to disagree with our posts and other readers, but we will insist on civility. Here are the rules:

• All comments will be approved by Metro before they’re posted. We’ll do so during business hours on most weekdays.

•No profanity, personal attacks, obscenities or pornographic material will be allowed. Nor will we tolerate harassment of readers and Source writers, impersonation, intimidation or abuse. And no advertisements.

• As is the case with Metro’s Facebook comment policy, we ask that comments stay on topic and be brief. We may choose to limit the number of times any one person can comment per Source post.

• We will not post comments with false or unsubstantiated allegations or material that we believe is inaccurate or false. Nor will we post comments that we believe could compromise public safety or Metro operations.

• The comments board may be a representative sample of comments we receive. We don’t want the comments board to be the same few people dominating the conversation.

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5 replies

  1. “The comments board may be a representative sample of comments we receive. We don’t want the comments board to be the same few people dominating the conversation.”

    Then you won’t be seeing a lot of comments unless you can put up with the few transit nerds who enjoy this sort of thing. Normal people do not care about the freeways they drive on, much less buses or trains. Transportation is just supposed to be there, not something to talk about like Lady Gaga or Two and a Half Men.

  2. Sorry Frank but I hardly think commenting on the source is a constitutional right the founding fathers envisioned.

    Metro is not preventing you from publishing your own blog to talk about their operation. They provide a platform but they are not required to let you comment. If you want to be on record go to a board meeting and sign up yo speak.

  3. “If you want you comment posted, keep it clean.”

    Spell check and proof read.

  4. I think I may have sent a comment that was too long. Sorry about that.

    It’s hard not to respond to people when you read some of the comments that some people make.

  5. “This is a government blog…”

    If this is a government blog, wouldn’t that be in violation of our First Amendment rights akin to government censorship?