Today’s Transit Forecast

Tuesday, October 4
  •  201
  •  102, 110, 111/311, 611 – Florence Station Bus Stop Relocation
  •  Gold Line – Late Night System Maintenance
  •  Purple Line – Late Night Service ONLY btwn Wilshire/Western & Wilshire/Vermont
  •  Red Line – Late Night Track Maintenance
  •  Green Line – Midday System Maintenance
  •  70, 71, 76, 78/79/378, 96, 485, 487/489, Silver Line – Downtown: Spring btwn 1st-Temple

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3 replies

  1. I too would like to know what happened. Fortunately, I was able to take the Wilshire RapidBus when I saw the trains didn’t seem to be running, but this morning, not knowing what to expect, I took the train from Vermont/Santa Monica and it was packed like sardines. What’s up?

  2. Another thing I’ve complained about in the past is that the PA system in the Civic Center station is terrible. No one can ver hear what the announcements are. Everyone around me is saying, “what did they say?” What will happen in an emergency and a noisy station? No one will be able to hear the emergency announcements on the Civic Center PA system.

  3. So are you going to tell us what happened yesterday on the subway? It took me three hours to get home instead of the usual one. I know things break down but if this happened in Japan, it would be national news. But I have encountered this many times in the 11 years riding the subway. What’s up?