Citywide bicycle network planned for South Pasadena

Existing and proposed South Pasadena Bikeway Network Map

The city of South Pasadena has made big plans to become more bike-friendly. The city just announced that it intends to build more than 24 miles of connecting bikeways that will create a citywide bicycle network to connect schools, library, parks, shops, the Metro Gold Line and Metro bus stops.

At a community event planned for Tuesday afternoon, the city will talk about its planned network and newly approved Bicycle Master Plan that also includes roadway markings, way-finding signage, bike racks and lockers and safety programs.

The bikeway network will begin with the construction of a bike lane on El Centro Street near Arroyo Vista Elementary School.  The construction of bike facilities will be prioritized to first provide increased public safety and connections to, among others, public venues and public transportation.  When completed, the 24-mile network will consist of lanes, routes and paths — it should make getting across the city much easier in all directions and provide much better cycling linkages to the Gold Line, even for those riding from outside South Pasadena.

A quick look at the Metro Bike Map shows a variety of bike routes in the northern portion of Pasadena, but few in the much smaller city of South Pasadena itself. The city currently has only two bikeways totaling 1.3 miles. There are Class II bike lanes on Marengo Avenue and Raymondale Drive and cycling on some of the big streets is definitely not a comfortable experience when traffic is more than light.

Those who have traveled in more progressive cycling cities such as Long Beach, Portland and Seattle have seen the green bicycle boxes that create a designated area for cyclists at the front of intersections. That’s what South Pasadena is also planning on several high-traffic streets. The city is also planning to install “sharrows” on roadways to show cyclists where to be in lanes and remind motorists that cyclists are out there on the roads.

A “Cycle South Pasadena” community event is planned tomorrow, Oct. 4 at 1 p.m. at the South Pasadena City Hall Courtyard, 1414 Mission Street, South Pasadena.

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