Art for the Orange Line: Artists discuss station designs

Sam Erenberg shares his final artwork designs for Roscoe Station with the Metro Orange Line Extension Art Advisory Group.

Artists presented their final designs at a meeting of the Metro Orange Line Extension Art Advisory Group at the Chatsworth Branch Library a few days ago. The meeting marked the end of the design phase and the beginning of fabrication for station artwork along the four-mile busway extension between Canoga Park and the Chatsworth Metrolink station, a Measure R-funded project.

Convened in 2009, the Art Advisory Group is composed of volunteers who live or work in the project area, have a vested interest in the stations and surrounding neighborhoods, have an active interest in the arts and are involved in the community.

Art Advisory Group members view the artworks alongside samples of fabricated sections.

Over the course of many months, the group worked with Metro staff to compile a Community Profile – a document that provided the artists with an insider’s look into the neighborhoods along the Orange Line Extension. The document gathered the area’s history, demographics, natural environment, cultural resources, bicycle resources and film heritage and served as a point of departure for station artists as they began their concept designs.

The five artists were selected from a pool of over 150 who responded to the Call for Artists after workshops held at the Canoga Park Library and the California State University Northridge Art Gallery.

At the last Art Advisory Group meeting, the station artists spoke about their approaches to the projects and the ways in which Community Profile provided a foundation for the development of their concepts. Samples of fabricated sections of the artworks were on display, demonstrating how the artworks would be translated into durable materials appropriate for a transit environment.

Paving designs and art panels will be featured at every station on the Orange Line Extension. Pictured above are Margaret Lazzari's designs for Sherman Way Station.

When the station platforms are completed, each will house a double-sided, twenty-foot long porcelain enamel steel art panel and a twenty-seven foot long elliptical-shaped, glass mosaic artwork paving design.

There are more photos from the meetings after the jump. And more information about each of the artists and their designs is available on the Metro website:

Western Imaginary  by Ken Gonzales-Day for Canoga Station

Owensmouth/Canoga Park  by Margaret Lazzari for Sherman Way Station

Liquid Light: Flowing Into the Future  by Sam Erenberg for Roscoe Station

 Strati  by Anne Marie Karlsen for Nordhoff Station

 A Glimpse of Stoney Point Park  by Lisa Adams for Chatsworth Station

Freddy Carrillo and Margaret Lazzari discuss the historic maps embedded in Lazzari's artwork for Sherman Way Station.

Ken Gonzales-Day speaks about the references to film history featured in his landscape photographs for Canoga Station.

Adina Calnan compares fabrication samples with the original artwork for Nordhoff Station.

Lisa Adams, Linda van der Valk and Debbie Imlay speak about the references to Chatsworth's equestrian community in the artwork for Chatsworth Station.

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