The art of transit

photo via Metro Library and Transportation Archive’s Flickr photostream


Cool photo of the old Pacific Electric passing Echo Park while southbound on Glendale Boulevard. It will be interesting to see if Glendale Boulevard ever sees rail transit again — there’s nothing solid on the books for now.

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  1. You can thank GM, Firestone and the old Standard Oil company for the disappearance of the light rail system that criss-crossed the Los Angeles basin from the old days.

    The whole back story of Who Framed Roger Rabbit was about this.

  2. I’d love to see a Metro light rail line revived here to replace the 92 bus from Downtown to Burbank. Maybe this portion would have to be cut and cover, but a lot of the route could probably run at grade on the old PE route to save money (Sunset to the 2, the 5 to Brand, most of Glenoaks).