Gate locking test begins at 1 p.m. today at Wilshire/Normandie station

Just a reminder: Metro will be locking turnstiles at the Wilshire/Normandie station on the Purple Line subway from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. today as part of a test. There will be Metro personnel on hand to help those without TAP cards get through the turnstile.

Here’s more info about the tests that will take place over the next few weeks.

The schedule for tests is as follows:

The Wilshire/Normandie turnstile closure will be followed by closures on three consecutive Wednesdays at three other stations, from 1 to 4 p.m., adding one station per week in this order: week 1: Wilshire/Normandie Station; week 2: Wilshire/Normandie plus Vermont/Beverly; week 3: Wilshire/Normandie and Vermont/Beverly plus Hollywood/Western; week 4: Wilshire/Normandie, Vermont/Beverly and Hollywood/Western plus Wilshire/Western.

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  1. Every turnstile or fare gate that I’ve ever seen in the United States or in Japan was reversible, and that includes on the Metro Red Line:
    A green arrow indicated you could pass through, while a red X or something similar showed “don’t go through.”
    If the situation called for it, gates could switch from entry to exit automatically.

    Eventually, when Metro Rail reaches from Santa Monica to Ontario, they ought to go to a distance-based system with TAP-ping in and TAP-ping out.
    But, for the time being, I’ve never had trouble with being “double charged” by overTAP-ping.

    If it’s a problem, Metro should put up banners: “No TAP required on exit”

    And I don’t see why they can’t hire station attendants to help with questions and customer service.

  2. What about EZ Pass users? These premium monthly passes cost are still on paper. How will EZ Pass users get through gate?

  3. I don’t think the other end of the tap validators on the turnstiles are currently functional. I believe I attempted once to see if my TAP card with a loaded day pass would initiate a response from the turnstiles while exiting from a station and nothing happened.

    If metro were to implement distance fares in the future they may activate the validators on the other end.

    Also Metro keeps pushing back the installation of the new paper fare media that is supposed to work with that TAP system. They were supposed start the conversion this FALL but it seems to have been moved for a next year roll out.

  4. Rich made a good point. While we are not required to TAP out, there is always the possibility that someone using TAP stored value accidentally TAP out, causing a double-payment. There should ideally be 2 sets of turnstiles, one for entering and one for exiting. Such arrangement is basically standard in all transit systems in the world. This once again shows how Metro has not thoroughly considered all scenarios before implementing something.

  5. Why didn’t Metro just install fare gates that handles both paper passes and TAP? Most cities have fare gates that accept both.

  6. Im Glad They are Starting the Gate Lock, so Like
    this Tugs and Students that are Diching
    School Wont get in. So like this when they
    dont have a Tap card that is Loaded for a week or a month and a Ticket then they wont get in like when you get in to a Game or a Consert.

    I hope they will Continue From Hollywood/Vine, Hollywood/Highland Universal City Station and North Hollywood Station. Also I hope Next they install more of gate locks in Blue,Green,Gold and the Expo Light Blue.
    So it would be Easy for Passengers,tourists and Students that are going to School or college would tap their card then you get in.

    I know It would be Hard but trustme you will get used to it when you keep doing it when you go to work ,School or when you are going some where.

    So Keep Tapping Metro!
    Keep up the Good Work.

  7. Asked this on facebook but didn’t get a reply. Do you need to tap out as well as tap in? I never see anyone tapping out. I’m afraid of getting double-charged.

  8. I’m glad to hear that they’re finally getting around to locking the turnstiles.

    Metro really ought to hire some station attendants to help answer questions.

    That would be separate from the security officers, of course, but an extra set of eyes would still be a big help.

  9. Fortunately Wil/Normandie has only 2-3 turnstiles plus the ADA/Baggage/Bike faregate, so LA Metro staff should be able to prevent most passengers from performing Seppuku today.