Escalator project update

For curious-minded readers about the Civic Center station, this news from Metro CEO Art Leahy’s daily email to agency staff:

 Second Phase of the Escalator Replacement Project Has Started at the Metro Red Line Civic Center Station

The second phase of the Escalator Replacement Project has begun at the Metro Red Line Civic Center Station. The contractor has relocated the barricades isolating the work area from one side of the escalators to the other at both entrances of the station where work is taking place. This now exposes the newly installed escalators that will operate in the upward direction while the contractor demolishes, removes and replaces the two escalators on the other side of the stairs. The contractor has installed signage directing patrons to the elevator and the station entrances according to our recommendation. The completion of this construction activity is scheduled for early 2012. Work hours and dates are between 6:00 am until 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, weather permitting. Critical tasks will take place as necessary during non-revenue hours and at night.



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