This week’s Destination Discounts – Retail Spotlight

Sure, riding Metro saves you from the stress of traffic, reduces your environmental impact and lowers your monthly transportation costs – but did you know it also entitles you to a bunch of great deals around L.A.? That’s what Destination Discounts is all about – and The Source is here to make sure you don’t miss out. Use our calendar to stay on top of the latest deals from Metro’s local partners – destinations, sporting events, concerts, museums, theme parks, shops and more. Foodies: make sure to check out the Destination Discounts Dining Map. And for when you’re on the go, have your smartphone alert you of nearby Destination Discounts with Vidappe for iPhone and Android.

In addition to the many events and restaurants that offer discounts to Metro riders, there are a number of local stores that will cut a deal for transit riders who flash their TAP card when purchasing goods or services.

Currently, Metro’s retail partners are all based in North Hollywood – which is just fine because NoHo is super transit accessible. The artsy valley village is served by the Red Line, Orange Line and six Metro bus lines.

Here’s a list of retail savings in NoHo available to Metro riders:

After the jump, our weekly Destination Discounts Calendar.


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