The art of transit

Photo via Metro Transportation Library and Archive’s Flickr page

Great photo taken in 1950 of the old downtown Los Angeles PE terminal. Here’s the home page for the Metro Library’s Flickr photostream — you can kill a lot of time cruising the archive. Good stuff.

To submit a photo for the Art of Transit, post it to Metro’s Flickr group, email it to or Tweet it to @metrolosangeles with an #artoftransit hashtag. Many of the photos we’ve featured can be seen in these galleries on Flickr.

5 replies

  1. The reason we couldn’t use the tunnels as some of them were plugged by a bank vault and hirise buildings

  2. What would have been even cooler is if this station was used today for modern transit service. The biggest mistake made in California’s transit history was not preserving and upgrading the original rail system Los Angeles once had. Chicago, NY, and Boston did, so why couldn’t we?…

  3. How long did these trains take to get to Glendale? How long does it take today by private car?

  4. It would had been cool if they made this into an PE Museum, raise awareness about how L.A. and the close suburbs were built by rail, not the car in the first part of the century. Many people still are unaware of this part of L.A. history and is why they look at right of ways wondering what those were for not realizing the activity that used to exist on them.

  5. Correction. This is not the PE terminal, it is the Subway Terminal building at 4th & Hill (Now called Metro 417). Note the sun that says “Exit to Hill Street.” The PE building is on Main.