Expo Line train testing update

Here’s the latest from the Expo Line Construction Authority, the agency building the line from downtown L.A. to Culver City:

Click above to see a larger image.

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  1. Just the fact that the expo/blue line junction is at-grade is problem unto itself.

  2. The governance councils already decided that service wouldn’t be cut until the next regular service change after Expo opens. So if Expo opens in early 2012, then the service changes go into effect June 2012. This is a good move rather than the fiasco that happened when the Eastside Gold Line opened, when they cancelled service on the 30 before the rail line actually opened.

  3. Hey Source – can you give us an update on the Expo/Blue Line tie-in junction? Word is going around that this area is a cause of concern with the contractors and can delay the opening. This would be a good topic to address.

  4. How much “testing” must occur on this before/if ever this light-rail line will open (I understand the “proposed” 11/15 “Opening Date” is now POSTPONED!)? While I never plan to ride the Expo Line, I am more interested in seeing the implementation of the bus line cancellations, as a result of the Expo one opening, so as to have more buses available TO IMPROVE BUS LINE SERVICE ON LINES THAT NEED IT (e.g. Line 266!).