Metro’s Deputy CEO responds to Coalition letter seeking changes to Regional Connector project

We posted last week about a letter sent to Metro by Eli Broad and a new group calling itself the Connector Community Coalition. The letter asked for major changes in the Regional Connector light rail project that is in the final planning stages and will eventually connect the Blue, Expo and Gold Line in downtown Los Angeles.

Metro deputy CEO Paul Taylor, who has the final say on the project for the agency, has sent the following draft four-page memo to the Metro Board of Directors about Metro’s response to the Coalition’s concerns:

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  1. If the Coalition is conserned about access to Bunker Hill from public transpotation then they should work with the LA Streetcar project to get it designed and funded to provide the access from Union Station and South Park.

  2. @Robb.
    I agree with you and Dan W but Eli is just like the Bill Gates character in the Simpsons, i.e. he “didn’t get rich by writing checks”.

  3. I agree with Mr. Wentzel.

    Or, if accessibility to the top of Bunker Hill is so important, perhaps Mr. Broad can spring for a funicular, an escalator, a peoplemover, or a gondola from the station site at 2nd and Hope to 2nd and Grand. After all, he’s currently developing the property that lies between the two points.

  4. Perhaps Mr. Broad would like to really help this project and contribute the necessary money into the project to revive the 5th Street station for the financial district.

  5. Does Metro make a habit of responding to every crazy yahoo that can draw lines on a map? Because I would like Metro to respond to my maps too. And I even know how to use Google Maps properly to draw the lines.

  6. Someone take Mr Broad up to Montreal or Toronto so he can see how underground transit can mesh nicely with office building basements!

    Boston (Downtown Crossing) and NYC (Rockefeller Center) also have examples of this.

  7. Poor old Eli ought to admit he signed a letter before doing any homework. Although it seems the letter and its suggestions (demands) weren’t his idea, Eli is of such stature that when his name appears on something is immediately becomes his idea. Eli, just say you’re satisfied with Metro’s response and withdraw your support and move on. Showing no matter how old or rich, one still has much to learn.

  8. It is nice to see Metro did not cave to the pressure of the ultra rich developers to enhance their pet projects. Hopefully the board will agree with Metro’s analysis and move on. But once politics are in play, anything can happen.

  9. When I “click above”, I am not getting a “larger image”.

    Can we have a link to a .pdf?

  10. I think that pretty much sums up what everyone’s been saying about the Eli Broad proposal. Impossible idea, too many challenges, reduced access to Little Tokyo.