Transportation headlines, Monday, September 19

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

The Source reader Steven White captured this photo of actors in period clothing at Union Station on his way to work this morning. Either that, or the flux capacitor on his transit vehicle is acting up again. You be the judge.

Los Angeles ponders extending yellow-light times (L.A. Times)

When the Los Angeles City Council voted to end the city’s red-light camera program, transportation safety advocates cried foul, citing the cameras’ success at reducing dangerous collisions at intersections. Councilmember Bill Rosendahl has proposed a trial program in which yellow lights would be lengthened at 32 intersections to determine if that would provide similar safety benefits — as some studies suggest it would.

The last days of the old parking meter (N.Y Times)

Electronic parking meters and stalls are a familiar sight in many L.A. neighborhoods, but they’re just now arriving in New York. Out with the “steel-and-sludge-hued meters” and in with ones that “read credit cards, speak seven languages, require less maintenance, and free up room on the sidewalk.” The new meters are also Wi-Fi-equipped, so the city will be able to adjust parking rates and durations on special occasions.

America’s oil-fueled collapse (Salon)

Check out this provocative piece by Michael T. Klare, professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College. He argues that the U.S. economy and global superiority are so intertwined with petroleum consumption that we’re doomed to collapse as oil supplies run out. To avoid this fate, the U.S. must “move quickly to reduce its reliance on oil and increase the availability of other energy sources, especially renewable ones that pose no threat to the environment.” Needless to say, the transportation sector is one of the primary consumers of oil in the U.S.

Car lovers like mass transit more than they think (The Atlantic Cities)

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly recommend adding the recently-launched Atlantic Cities website to your bookmarks. That’s Atlantic the magazine, not the ocean, per se. This piece considers a study in Sweden in which dyed-in-the-wool car commuters were recruited to switch to transit for a month. Participants were then surveyed at regular intervals to give feedback about their experience. The big take-away: “Not only did habitual drivers enjoy their transit commute more than they thought they would, but their enjoyment went up the more they rode.”

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  1. I walked through the tunnels today where they were filming and was really cool to see the time piece being filmed.

    They had temporary Station signage and props all about and it made the tunnels look very nice. They were there to cover the “modern tech” in the tunnels but really that tunnel could use some work. along with the signage and electronics throughout the main part of Union.

  2. Looks like they’re filming “The Gangster Squad” due to release in 2013 according to I also saw Josh Browlin down by the train tunnel filming a scene!