Buca di Beppo, Big Wangs and Rush Snack Bar find a place on our updated Destination Discounts Dining Map

The new Destination Discount Dining Map should make it easy to solve that "what should I eat?" dilema.

The new Destination Discounts Dining Map should make it easy to solve that "what should I eat?" dilema.

Hungry yet?

As regular readers know, a TAP card is more than just a slowly-but-surely-getting-better way to pay for rides on Metro. It also entitles riders to all kinds of great local discounts that we feature on The Source every Monday.

One area we’ve neglected lately is the Destination Discounts Dining Map, but fear not hungry Metro riders, the map’s restaurants have been updated and the whole thing now sports an easier to navigate interface. There are currently 23 pins on our map, representing the 23 awesome restaurants that are so down with L.A.’s transit system that they’re willing to cut riders a deal.

Sorry motorists – dump the pump and maybe you’ll catch a break (in more ways than one).

As the headline notes, there are some notable new additions to the map. Buca di Beppo in Universal City is offering a 10% discount (with coupon) on their massive family-style Italian meals. You’ll probably want to forgo the shuttle and take the long walk back to the Universal City Red Line station after such an indulgence.

The popular local sports bar chain Big Wangs is offering a 15% discount on food at all three of its very Metro accessible locations – one in NoHo, one in Hollywood and another in Downtown. Heck, go ahead and make Red Line crawl out of it.

And we can’t forgot Rush Snack Bar; the little store with big aspirations to turn L.A. in a “real” city. In most other major cities it’s no shock to see some retail storefronts in subway stations, but here it makes the newspaper. To help ease Angelenos into this new European-style way of life, Rush Snack Bar owner Andrew Cohen is offering Metro riders a 10% discount on his already affordable offerings.

Check out the other restaurants by pointing your browser to the Destination Discounts Dining Map and feel free to share the link on your favorite social network: http://bit.ly/MetroDiscountDining.