Bikestation redux

Photo via Bikestation Washington D.C.

After our Thursday post on the new Bikestation Long Beach, someone commented that the Washington D.C. Bikestation is a beauty so we rounded up a couple of images. As you can see, he was correct.

Several of you also asked when the next Bikestation would open in our area. Among your suggestions were Century City, Westwood, Compton, Hollywood/Vine and downtown L.A.

Bikestation Long Beach CEO Andrea White-Kjoss tells us that several are in the works — although nothing is firm enough to announce. But a likely spot for the next will be somewhere in downtown L.A. Note to David Murphy who suggested it: She didn’t say Union Station is up next but she did say it was a top contender and a great idea because of its proximity to transit.

To encourage building of a Bikestation near you, White-Kjoss said it’s best to send ideas to local entities with funding capabilities. For example, the Long Beach Bikestation is supported in part by the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency. And if you have questions or comments, send them to or head for their website.

And yes, IT Guy in Irvine, Bikestation Long Beach will gladly park electric bikes. But leave those Harleys at home.

Bikestation Washington D.C., via Flickr

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  1. We’d like to see a bikestation in the Metro Wilshire/Rodeo station on the Westside subway extension, but that’s some years away. We are very interested to establish a storefront bikestation, or some combination of bike services and rentals in the Beverly Hills business triangle. Any interest in getting something like this off the ground to whet the appetite for a full-on bikestation? We’re an under-served community, bike-wise!

  2. there are two bike station-related projects that the cra/la is engaged in:

    The cra/la has received 2009 metro call for projects funding for the figueroa corridor bike station at gil lindsay plaza at the convention center (pico and figueroa streets) the bike station is proposed to provide bike parking, bike rental, bike repair and sales of bike related equipment and accessories. a vendor has not yet been selected nor the project designed beyond very conceptual design used in the grant application.

    another bike station-related project has been recommended for funding in the 2011 metro call for projects to the cra/la for the expo line bike hubs project, which would place bike share locations at the 23rd street, jefferson, expo park and expo/vermont expo line stations. at the expo park station, a bike station would provide secure bike parking as well as bike share and provide a compliment to the figueroa corridor bike station at the convention center located about 2 1/2 miles north. these bike hub locations will compliment the mobility hubs project that the ladot and the city of long beach is proposing with funds from a jarc grant – basically first mile/last mile linkages.

    look for these projects in the next few years, not soon enough, but in the pipeline.