Court rules in favor of Metro in Westside Subway Extension case

A Superior Court Judge has ruled that Metro did not violate the California Public Records Act, as alleged by the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

The District had filed a petition asking the court to force Metro to release documents and alleging that the agency was withholding information being gathered as part of the ongoing environmental analysis for the Westside Subway Extension.

Excerpt from the ruling:

“A review of the verified Petition, however, fails to identify which items on Petitioner’s series of requests remain outstanding. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for Metro to counter the allegations. And, even worse, it makes it impossible for the Court to determine whether Petitioner’s claims of non-production are, in fact, correct.”

The School District is trying to stop a potential route for the subway that would involve tunneling deep under the Beverly Hills High School campus. Metro is currently working on finishing the project’s Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report and the agency has said it hoping to release that document later this year.

Metro also wants to release the geotechnical reports about this issue prior to releasing the Final EIS/EIR. But those reports must first be completed and the information completely analyzed.

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  1. Seriously?? BHUSD is throwing random excuses that don’t even make sense. A high school will collapse if a subway is built under it?? a terrorist attack in your city?? ummmmm last time i checked, your city isn’t even that special, you’re city is fake and boring… downtown is more beautiful with historical culture than your suburban “city”. when me and my friends go to LA, we go to THE CITY, hollywood, or santa monica… places where transit is available, growing, and the city is walkable. Even Rodeo Drive is such a big joke now… its a FAKE and a wannabe european looking street… perfect for their image. If they wanna become a real and functional city, then they should welcome transit, especially near a school or college.. it makes sense, students could use it.

  2. Why does the City of Beverly Hills disagree with this project. If the Red Line runs through the College that I go to at Los Angeles City College at Vermont/Santa Monica Station & it runs through underground. At LACC havent have any comments about running on LACC campus on underground train. Why do they disagree for it? I really do disagree with Beverly Hills District. They should of let all of the city of Beverly Hills vote on it if they wanted to have the purple line subway run through the high school or not?

  3. Why does Beverly Hills continue to place barriers in front of the subway? The city acts like its high school is sacred ground (even the ground below it).
    It is obvious that a station in the center of Century City is key to making this Westside subway actually work.
    If the Red/Purple lines can already run under/near Pershing Square, Union Station, skyscrapers, homes, businesses, MacArthur Park, Hollywood Blvd., and, in the future, the VA, it can certainly run under one high school.

  4. As a resident of Westwood living in an area consistently bombarded with Beverly Hills views I am happy to learn that the CA Public Records Act was not violated by Metro. Westwood residents patiently await the careful study – geotechnical reports and the Final EIS/EIR – and feel that BHUSD should to. After all the impacts will be similar to each of us.