The art of transit

photo by Leonard Deschampe, via submission

Nice photo of a train station in Tokyo. It was taken with a Sony digital camera with the tilt-shift — which makes the train appear miniaturized — effect applied using an iPad photo app.

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3 replies

  1. Well, it’s not miniaturized, but it is one of those “mini-Shinkansen” high-speed trains which head out into the snowy mountain areas of Yamagata and Akita. They branch off the Tohoku Shinkansen.

    These trains have been running in limited capacity all this summer after shutting down during the March earthquake and JR East reports they should be back up to normal service soon. (Gambatte, JR East!)

    It’s a shame we haven’t gotten a “main trunk” HSR line up and running in California, let alone these branches.

  2. The tilt shift technique does not work well when there is an object That dominates the frame like the train does. Nice shot but I would venture to say that train does not look miniaturized.