More security as 9/11 approaches

As some of you undoubtedly have noticed, there’s an increased security presence along Metro rail, including highly visible uniformed personnel and those charming (but very capable) K-9 dog teams. It’s a precautionary measure, in light of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 Sunday.

While there have been no specific threats against the transit system, the Sheriff’s Department and Metro are remaining vigilant, which is good news for those of us who ride the rails daily.

Along with a more visible presence, the Sheriffs are conducting random baggage searches and additional plain clothes personnel are keeping watch. Real-time monitoring of the rail system is ongoing through Metro’s Emergency Operations Center. The goal is to enhance our safety and confidence as 9/11 approaches.

2 replies

  1. They should keep this level of security at ALL times not just for show time. The entire Metro Rail system was EXTREMELY safe for many years, but since the LASD was handed 100% of it for patrol (displacing the LAPD on subway, who took over after the MTA police were disbanded) security and cleanliness and a feeling of safety (too many mentals and others who have NO BUSINESS on the subway or Blue Line) have all gone down hill and the recent murder is no surprise.

    What is really sad is that back in the old days when you couldn’t help but see LAPD or LASD, freaky, sketchy people didn’t dare enter the subway stations because “too many cops” were down there.

    This is all the MTA’a and Bacca’s fault. Charlie Beck should take immediate responsibility for subway security–as the LAPD had in the past–leaving LASD to focus on the LRT lines. It was safer than; it could be again.

  2. “Along with a more visible presence, the Sheriffs are conducting random baggage searches”

    Oh good, I have an excuse to drive now. And when I pay at the pump, I can be confident that some of it is going back to the Middle East among other places. Good work, post-9/11 paranoid society.