Expect Blue Line delays due to electrical issues

UPDATE (8:10pm)

Blue Line has resumed normal operations to all stations with minor residual delays through 8:15pm. There are no other alerts.

UPDATE (4:12pm)

  • Southbound passengers will board a train at 7th St/Metro Ctr to Pico Station, then take a bus shuttle to the next station, Grand, where they may board a Long Beach bound train to continue their southbound trip.
  • Northbound passengers will exit at Grand Station, then take a bus shuttle to the next station, Pico, where they may board a 7th St/Metro Ctr bound train to the Red/Purple Lines and Downtown LA.
  • Over a dozen buses have been assigned to this bus bridge to assist this evening.
  • When traveling through the affected area, allow 20-30 min of additional travel time.
  • All Metro Express bus lines, including Silver Line, continue to have the express fare upcharge waived on the I-110 Harbor Transitway segment to encourage using this viable, alternate route.
  • Trains may encounter minor residual delays between Long Beach Transit Mall and Grand Station.
  • Crews are currently troubleshooting and there is a possibility that normal service will be restored later this evening.
  • Please stay tuned for further updates.

UPDATE (3:12pm)

Here’s the latest from operations:

  • Blue Line major disruption due to overhead power systems issue at Flower/Venice.
  • Train service currently suspended between Pico & Grand stations.
  • Blue Line only serving LB Transit Mall – Grand & Pico – 7th St/Metro Ctr.  Expect minor residual delays on entire line.
  • Bus shuttles will be provided for thru travel.
  • Thru passengers should expect delays of up to 40 minutes and crowding to continue through this evening’s rush hour.
  • Please follow train and station announcements for latest information.
  • Downtown passengers destined for stations between Long Beach and Imperial/Wilmington, consider waiting at Flower/7th, just across the street from 7th St/Metro Center and boarding Metro Silver Line (every 10-15 min) or Line 450 (every 12 min rush) to Harbor Fwy Station and transfer with Green Line to get back to Blue Line.  Express upcharge waived tonight.  Regular Blue Line fare will be accepted onboard these buses.
  • Downtown passengers destined for Norwalk Station, consider waiting at Flower/7th and boarding Line 460 (every 30 min).  Express upcharge waived tonight.  Regular Blue Line fare will be accepted onboard these buses.
  • Downtown passengers destined for Aviation/LAX, consider waiting at Flower/7th and boarding LADOT Commuter Express 438 (every 15 min rush).  Or take Red/Purple Lines to Union Station and boarding LAX FlyAway (every 30 min).


Problems with the overhead electrical system on the Blue Line have stalled a southbound Blue Train and service has been suspended between the Pico and Grand Stations. All passengers have been taken off the train and a bus bridge is being established.

Technicians are on their way to investigate the electrical problems, but in the meantime Blue Line riders should expect major delays. Riders should consider the Silver Line as a possible alternative.

For the latest service advisories, follow @MetroLAalerts on Twitter.

6 replies

  1. The Blue line is metro’s oldest line. Perhaps its approaching time for some capital upgrades to the lines aging infrastructures so these delays are not so common.

  2. It seems it could’ve been more efficient to have the bus bridge start at Metro Center/7th Flower taking passengers to Grand station. It seems the MTA is always stuck in its thinking of bridging only between the two stations rather than serving more people more efficiently.

    As for those who would use the Blue Line only from Metro Center to Pico: there is an abundance of options for those people, including MTA and DASH buses. Those folks have it easy, but the vast majority going beyond Pico were greatly inconvenienced because of the stupid bridge position.

    Were there people from the MTA there helping people with option and even telling drivers NOT to require up-charge? Just getting the right MTA people there (supervisors?) can go a long way to seeing bus drivers charge appropriate fare and directing people to options.

  3. Its seems like the blue line gets delayed the most out of any metro rail line for some reason or another. It just a more problematic line in general than the other rail lines it seems.

  4. Every time I have taken a bus during a Blue Line delay, I have been charged the express zone fares. Either your bus drivers don’t know when the charges are waived, or they don’t care.

  5. The MTA is “HORRIBLE” when it comes to BLUE LINE DELAYS, They are not organized and they obviously did not have a contingency plan mapped out for these types of delays. I totally agree with Cozette. I’m so fortunate that I will not be taking the blue line train to work tomorrow, I’m sure this issue will not be resolved by the morning rush hour.


  6. So, how long is this going to last? If they had as many electricians working on the problem as they had police at the Grand Station, it should be figured out pretty quick!!
    BTW – complete aweful expreience tonight!! Had to wait for 15-20 minutes on the corner across the street from the Grand Station with at least 500 other hot/grumpy people!!