First of the month reminder: monthly passes are now 30-day passes and are available from Metro vending machines

How to add a pass to TAP

Regular Metro riders: if the first of the month typically means a long wait in line at Union Station or other pass outlets to get your monthly pass – stop! Recent changes mean you have other options.

Monthly passes are no longer tied the calendar month, they’re good for 30-days from your first TAP – so start your month on the 2nd (or any other day) and avoid the rush.

Better yet, if you’re near a Metro Rail station or Orange Line station you can purchase a 30-day pass from ticket vending machines. Just select “Add value or pass to TAP” and choose the 30-day pass option and you’re on your way. Here’s a web page with step-by-step instructions.

If you don’t have a TAP card yet you can buy them directly from ticket vending machines or any of the other outlets listed here.

4 replies

  1. They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    Of course, it’s about time for those second or third steps. Bring Metrolink in.

    Lock those turnstiles, and install a few more fare gates.

    More online services; more regional passes on TAP.

    I know it can be done, the only question is, how soon?

  2. Glad to see LA Metro trying to get the TAP cards to be more flexible and more available. I’d love to read about any attempts to make the existing TAP cards last longer than 3 years, or at least create longer-life TAP cards in the future.

    RFID cards from other cities, even those that contracted with CUBIC, last much longer; why can’t L.A.’s do so also?

  3. What about student passes? Are they 30 days or monthly? If they’re 30 day I find the change to them kinda annoying as I just bought 3 on line thinking they were monthly like last year. I tend to buy them a couple of days in advance of the start of the month so I know they’ll work on 9/1… Thanks for responding.