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  1. There is no mention of the 76. Once again, it’s rush hour and there are two Metro 76 busses ON EACH SIDE of the railroad tracks near the L.A. River (within sight of One Gateway), all waiting on a slow-moving freight train that keeps going back and forth.

    This happens several times a week, at morning and afternoon rush hours. The Metro line 76 runs approximately 18 minutes apart at rush hour, and this has been happening for a few years (at least; ask Fred Camino because I am sure he has experienced this on the 76). This morning Metro E/B 76 (coach #7542) sat at the RRX on N. Main for 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES. (The NextBus archives will confirm this, as tit was not the only one.) Metro needs to find out who is responsible for this daily problem and resolve it. If Metro is not aware of this problem, then that is a big problem in itself.

  2. Hey David, thanks for the comment. You’ve probably noticed I’ve been streamlining some of our regular features to make them easier to read and produce. I’ll look into the error you mentioned.


    Fred Camino
    Contributor, The Source

  3. I love the new compact format using Google Calendar. Just FYI, though, one of the embedded items is producing an error message: “Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.” You might want to view the page logged out to see the error, or verify the Calendar sharing settings.