Lattes come lately

Spring for Coffee, 548 S. Spring St.

Beyond the world of Starbucks, it is amazing the number of independent coffee bars that have popped up during the past couple of years. On Spring Street alone, in downtown L.A.’s Old Bank District, there are several within a couple block radius. Among the best is the tiny Spring for Coffee at 548 S. Spring. It’s a great little spot with delicious coffee. And it, along with a prettier place with more room to sit, CoffeeBar, 600 S. Spring, are within a 10-minute (or so) walk from the Red and Purple Line Pershing Square Station.

If you happen to be in Silver Lake, like Silver Lake or love the Number 2 Sunset Boulevard bus, head over to Intelligentsia at 3922 W. Sunset. Yes, I know it’s uber hip and hip can be exhausting but the coffee is yummy and it’s certainly easy enough to grab some and leave. Even though it’s part of a chain — there’s another place in Pasadena (Intelligentsia’s Pasadena Café at 55 E. Colorado) near the Gold Line Memorial Park Station — the coffee is superb.

Also on the hit parade of great coffee near transit is Urth Caffe, 451 S. Hewitt St., about a 15-minute walk (in good shoes, not cool ones) from the Gold Line Little Tokyo/Arts District Station.

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  1. Jones Coffee Roastery is across the street from the Fillmore stop in Pasadena. They have live music some mornings. Coffee is great, but a little pricing, and the pastries are delicious.