Metro extending late night rail service on Red and Gold Lines for this Saturday’s FYF Fest

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On Saturday, September 3, Metro is once again partnering with a summer music festival to provide extended late night rail service so that concert goes can leave their cars at home.

This time it’s the FYF Fest – featuring acts such as Descendents, Broken Social Scene, Explosions In The Sky, Simian Mobile Disco and more – and once again the festival promoters have chosen the Metro Gold Line adjacent Los Angeles Historic State Park as the ideal venue.

The show starts at 12pm and runs through midnight. Last trains depart from the Gold Line Chinatown Station at 12:30am, and the last Red Line train from Union Station to North Hollywood departs at 12:45am. This will give party goers the opportunity to stay for the entire event and still make it home on public transit.

Important note: other Metro rail lines will not be running extended schedules, so plan accordingly if you are connecting via the Blue or Green Lines. Last trips generally end around midnight.

Metro has set  up a helpful page for the extended service that will be updated with any changes, so be sure to check it out here. In addition, you can follow @MetroLosAngeles and @MetroLAalerts on Twitter for any updates.

Be safe, have fun and Go Metro!

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  1. I also would love to see Metro extend late night hours on Friday and Saturday nights. Some of the best bars and restaurants are now along redline stops in Hollywood and Downtown. I live within walking distance of a redline station and have the same problem as Dion where I take the train downtown, but have to spend $40 on a cab back home. With the opening of Phase 1 of the Expo line later this year, I think it would be the perfect time to look at extending weekend night hours.

  2. Later service on the rail lines as part of the regular schedule would be a great move. Already the Red and Blue CTA lines in Chicago run 24/7 and most MTA subways and els in NY run 24/7 in addition to the LIRR and Metro North. If they can run far flung commuter rail services 24/7 than we should at least be able to run our urban light and heavy rail lines late at night. When you look at it in perspective its almost silly that we don’t do this already. In terms of funding, the MTA and CTA are just as cash strapped as us, and yet look at their service levels.

  3. We love later hours on the Gold Line too. The current early last train feels like an imposed curfew! We are old enough to stay out past midnight! LOL!

  4. Ive asked this before… is metro considering adding late night trains on Thursday, Friday, Saturdays? i know there is a budget crunch but this would be a very worthwhile addition. If i take the metro to Hollywood from downtown, i have to cab it back which costs anywhere from 25 – 40 dollars. I think these late night trains would really be popular.

    • Hi Dion;

      At this point, I’m not aware of any changes to the rail schedule unless funding comes forward. The late-night service for the concerts is being paid for by event promoters. You’re hardly alone in wanting late service. It comes down to whether the agency feels like the ridership will be there consistently enough to help pay for it — and ridership usually only accounts for a percentage of the costs.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source