Gold Line returns to normal schedule; full service recovery complete at 8:20 a.m.

Major delays of more than 30 minutes that plagued service on the Pasadena side of  the Metro Gold Line since Wednesday evening continued into the morning commute as crews completed repair of the overhead wire system that powers the trains and relocated two trains stranded on the tracks. Damage to the overhead wire system was reported at 6:20 p.m. and traced to a malfunctioning feeder cable. The damage resulted in a loss of traction power between Del Mar and Memorial Park station and stranded two trains at Fillmore and Del Mar stations. Service continued with delays as trains were diverted to a single track in order to bypass the stranded trains. Repairs to the overhead wire system were completed  by 5 a.m. and the stranded trains were relocated to repair areas. Full service on normal schedule was restored at 8: 20 a.m.

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  1. I was on one of the trains that became disabled last night. They need to better communicate to riders what is going on. People in my car wanted to open the doors and climb out. I had to tell them that they should stay put until we were given instructions. Then, we were not given any information as to how we were going to get the rest of the way to our stops. It would have been nice to know that another train was coming.

    The Gold Line has been extremely crowded in both the mornings and evenings, with lots of people standing, since they instituted the so-called new and improved schedule recently. It was much better when they were running the trains with three tandem sets of cars. Yet another attempt to “improve service” that is not an improvement! I hope they reconsider.

  2. @Deborah- red line trains are already at maximum length. if you add another car, there wont be enough platform space. same with the gold line.

  3. This was a bad incident, there were still residual delays until 10:00am on the Pasadena Portion of the Gold Line.

  4. The 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm Red line to Union station and the Gold line to Sierra Madre at those times are standing room only. Will they add an extra car to the trains at any time?

  5. This mess up really affected me this morning. I was extremely late for work. Thanks, Gold Line!

    – A regular pass-holding rider