The top 5 reasons you should be following the Los Angeles Transportation Headlines


Nearly every day, we take a closer look at the story behind the story in selected transportation headlines of interest to our readers.

Back in 2005, Metro’s Transportation Library & Archive was a pioneer in social media, collecting and disseminating news from various media outlets, as well as other blogs.

Six years ago, blogging was a relatively new activity, especially for a government agency.

What began as a communication tool for other Metro employees has grown into a news source followed by transit advocates and fans, contractors, consultants, politicos, students and many others interested in Los Angeles’ “transportation conversation.”

Five years, 2,000 posts, and over 1.3 million emails later, the Library continues to publish news and information relevant to Southern California mobility every weekday morning.

The full story on how the library developed the Headlines, along with the Library’s top five reasons you should be following or subscribing yourself (along with how to receive a daily email digest), can be found on the Library’s Primary Resources blog.


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  1. John, Click on the “full story” link to read the Primary Resources blog post and top five reasons.