The art of transit

photo by johnsnape, via Flickr  

I know what you’re thinking: this photo was taken during Carmageddon in July. Nope — look a little closer. This is San Diego County — see the exit to the 8 freeway. How did the photographer get the shot? He kept the shutter open for five seconds with an aperture of f/16 and an ISO of 100. The long exposure made the cars disappear — a neat trick. I know another way to help accomplish this is to use a darkened filter to allow for longer exposures needed to make the moving objects in the frame vanish. Fun. This photo was taken with a Canon EOS REBEL T2i.

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  1. I did use Neutral Density filters to make this picture. I had 2 4ND and an 8ND filter (16ND total) so I could get a regular exposure. It would have been a white picture otherwise.