Blue Line stations closed (again) in downtown L.A. this weekend

Due to major Blue Line/Expo Construction, beginning at 8:30 pm Friday and through Sunday close, trains will operate only between Washington Station & Long Beach Transit Mall.  Trains will operate on regular schedule.  Shuttle Buses (Line 801) will operate between Washington Station & 7th/Metro Center. Please be advised to allow up to 40 additional minutes to complete your trip and that work will occur over additional weekends; notices will be posted.

Green Line patrons connecting to the Blue Line to Downtown LA may consider using the Harbor Transitway as a faster alternative (Silver Line or 445 from Harbor Fwy Station,460 from Norwalk Station). Please check individual schedules for exact trip times. Express zone charges may apply.

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  1. The line is already operational at 7th & Metro Center. Hence, Blue Line service already runs there.

  2. @Morris I. Warren – I believe it is automatic. That would seem to be the safest way. Don’t see any reason for the motorman to do the track switching.

  3. I still would like to know:

    at the crossover junction of the Blue Line and Expo Line, who is supposed to activate the track switching? Does the train’s motorman do that? Or is it activated by remote control? Or, is it fully automatic?

  4. It will be worth it in the end.

    I was wondering though, what kinds of improvement are going to be made to the 7th/Metro Station? No doubt the usage of the station is going to increase. Pico got some (Not enough) upgrades but have yet to see the 7th/Metro change anything yet. I hope there will be some.