Best L.A. ice cream?


Paradis ice cream

Paradis ice cream!

What’s the best ice cream in L.A. and how can we get there without polluting the air? It’s a question for the ages but thanks to observant Metro rider Eric Griswold, we have a good start. Without his recommendation toThe Sourcedining map we might never have stumbled into Paradis ice cream at 1726N. Vermont, a 6-minute walk from the Vermont/Sunset Red Line Station. (There’s another one in Montrose.)

Testing the limits of sampling generosity by this Danish company we explored strawberry, watermelon, chocolate, chocolate almond, Ferrero rocher (like the candy) and (amazing!) salted caramel. Not too heavy or too sweet, in the style that seems to be, uh, cool these days, Paradis ice cream is a cross between ice cream and gelato, made with fresh ingredients in interesting flavors. And if the claim of 75 to 120 calories per scoop is accurate, it’s certainly worth a Red Line ride to Los Feliz.

The flavors change daily and Facebook  reveals what’s on tap at any given time. Today one of them is Oreo, which for some of us would be reason enough for a subway ride.

But in terms of best in the city, what about Mateo’s Ice Cream & Fruit Bars in Culver City (4929 Sepulveda Blvd.; Culver City Bus 6) or the famous Brown Bread ice cream created by Scoops at 3400 Overland, L.A. (Culver City Bus 3), among other locations. Can they compete with Paradis? How do we get there on Metro? And where’s the Expo Line when we desperately need it?

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Frozen yogurt need not apply.

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  1. It is certainly no more than ten minutes from Red Line platform to the store’s counter.