Bike racks revisited

After reading our earlier post, several readers are asking why Metro doesn’t just install three-bike racks on the shorter 40-foot buses like some other California agencies have done.

On those, the 48.5-foot limit probably would not be approached, even by protruding bike handlebars.

Equipping the shorter buses might, in fact, be what happens at Metro but for the moment it makes economic and manpower sense to wait until it’s determined if all buses can have the three-bike racks, according to Metro staff. Our friends in Sacramento are the folks who will decide.

4 replies

  1. The bike racks on the orange line are getting worse and worse. The new plastic one is terrible. The first edition is the only rack I can use. You will hear from my attorney. This is unfair and Im not the only one that feels this way.

  2. its a fine idea OK but the only problem with that. is when a bus has to make a right turn remember now these buses are not 40ft long but 48 feet long there is a big difference there. its okay on the orange line after all there is no traffic to contend with at all i know i drive regular buses for mta and believe me it isn’t easy to do

  3. great idea! it’s so frustrating when the rack is full and the next bus doesn’t come for a while.