Late night rail service to HardFest carried 16,000 concertgoers

Metro extended some of its rail service well past the usual midnight closing time on Saturday to accommodate  the crowds going to HardFest in Los Angles State Historic Park, i.e. the Cornfields. Agency staff put together the above video.

A few interesting stats:

•There were about 16,000 more boardings than usual on the Gold Line due to the concert — an increase of about 63 percent over normal Saturday ridership.

•There was also a significant bump in Red Line ridership from stations in Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley.

•Trains ran until 3 a.m. Metro believes about one-third of the concertgoers took the train. The late night service was provided because of an agreement between Metro and the concert promoter, who paid for the service.

•Longer trains than usual were operated on the Gold Line and there were not significant wait times after the show. Even after the Gold Line was cleared of returning passengers from the concert, there was still car traffic trying to get out of the area.

For those who took the train to HardFest, how did it go? Want to see more of this type of service? Discuss please.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this Steve. That’s great news! This has got to be one of the highest transit ridership turnouts due to an event that LA has had. Just goes to show that when you provide transit, people will really use it. And yet there are still so many people that say LA does not need more rail transit, if this is not an example of how they are wrong then I don’t know what is.

  2. There needs to be more publicity as to late night bus service paralleling the rail system. You can do little things like reroute the 55 so that it serves Washington Boulevard, since it parallels the Blue Line all the way from Downtown to Compton. Or extending the 656 down to Wilshire to make a late night connection to Koreatown. Over half of all Metro Rail stations have some form of 24 hour service within a half mile walk. Advertise these options on the rail timetables.

  3. I was one of those who rode the Gold Line for part of the way home from HardFest. It was a service that was really appreciated. My friend drove us down there and I could see that parking would have been a horrible nuisance.

    Metro should partner with any event in DTLA to promote alternatives to driving and parking. Metro should definetely partner with FYF Fest in September.

    Perhaps Metro will see this as a calling to extending rail service till 3AM, even if its once an hour?

  4. There should be service until 3 am on all Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. i know it costs money, but the upside will be huge. the amount of travel between downtown and hollywood alone would justify this.

  5. It would be great for tourist areas and areas with high late night activity if the metro would extend the subway lines to stay open for people to catch the metro after 2am! This just goes to show people are interested in taking public transportation and will use it if it is convenient for them.

  6. Metro should look to partner with local businesses and not just major events. There are plenty of bars, movie theaters and clubs near enough to public transit that would probably see a major jump in clientele if there was a late-night transit option for folks to get back home to. Plus, those many small businesses can help promote this kind of service, much more than Metro can through mailing lists, Twitter, Facebook, and all to people who probably don’t follow transit as closely as those of us on this site! Maybe Metro could create a way for these businesses to become Late Night Partners/Funders and give them a sticker to put on their doors and maybe offer some free/lower cost signage in their closest metro station in exchange. You would think the police and city would support this, as they could promote it as a solution for drunk driving. I see win-win-win all over this! Go Metro!