Expo Line train testing update

Here’s the latest notice from the Expo Line Construction Authority, which is building the light rail project:

Click above to see a larger image.

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  1. I hope it’s done in the next few weeks or months. I was hoping the line would be done earlier on in the fall semester so USC students can take advantage of it. As I work downtown getting to class is burdensome if not counter productive to either get to Union Station to take the tram to USC or take the DASH.

  2. Another thing, I keep seeing that major work is being done and work is to be done on other weekends and the blue line can’t run from Washington to 7th. What are they doing? We don’t even see what is being done. At one point I saw one side of the road closed by a stretch of track by my limited vision, but I’m just curious about that besides my previous comment as well.

  3. How much more of this “testing” is required, when this “ExpoLine” appears to be DONE, along with the stations that passengers will board, and alight at? It would be nice to see this rail line open SOONER then later so as to free up the bus lines that are currently scheduled to end when the Expo Line opens. Then there will be MORE BUSES to add to OTHER BUS LINES WHERE BUS SERVICE HAS INCREASED AND IS BADLY NEEDED!

  4. This was an image, I was interested to know what it says. As a side note, I hope these trains will announce where they’re going, I.E. to 7th Metro, or to USC, or some such. The only train that announces anything is the gold line, and only if the operator lets it. I notice when on that line that they interrupt what the outside speaker is saying, and then close the doors. The blue line, red line, nor purple or green lines, tell you verbally where they are going so we can determine if we’re getting on the correct train. I know on one station, on the gold line, it will say “Train to Union station approaching” or to “Atlantic Station approaching” but none of the other stations on the line, and only once did someone say that the train to North Hollywood was approaching when at Universal City. I’d love to know what this notice said, but I also hope that the trains are equiped to tell us audibly where they are going, especially when they share one track. I’ll not ride when you guys single track, because I won’t necessarily know which direction the train is going till after I get on. I was on the blue line once when we single tracked, and knew from metrolaalerts what was happening. Thanks.